The Scala-700 Headset: No Going Back

Even if you've resisted the pull of Bluetooth-enabled headsets, once you try this lightweight model you may well join the horde

Editor's Rating:

The Good: Smaller, lighter than most; handy locator feature; comfortable and snug; long talk time

The Bad: No shortcomings to speak of; doesn't work with some phones, but that's true of other models too

The Bottom Line: Don't like it when people walk around with a headset fixed to their ear? This may change your mind

It took me a while to embrace a Bluetooth headset. I long associated them with those sometimes annoying, workaholic guys walking down the street or through an airport appearing to yabber at no one. But now I'm one of them, though in my defense I restrict use of the earpiece to my car and office, for the most part.

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