Everything Old Is New Again (Part Two)

Peter Coy

Thank goodness: A business ethicist has weighed in on the question of whether it's right or wrong to yank a listing and then put it back in the system as new.


Here's his bio, from an article in Realty Times:

Bob Hunt is a director of the National Association of Realtors, and an author of the business ethics textbook, Ethics at Work, Prentice Hall. A graduate of Princeton with a master's degree from UCLA in philosophy, Hunt has served as a U.S. Marine, Realtor association president in South Orange County, and director of the California Association of Realtors, and is an award-winning Realtor. Contact Bob at scbhunt@aol.com.

What does Mr. Hunt conclude?

Perhaps the best solution would be simply to keep the information [about days on market] inaccessible to those who view the listings, but to retain it internally for MLS statistical purposes.

In other words, less is more. For further reading, check out my earlier post and some excellent reader comments.

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