Kodak Launches a Printer Offensive

CEO Antonio Perez wants to grab market share from Hewlett-Packard with less expensive ink and long-lasting color

Antonio Perez left the inkjet printer business seven years ago, after he lost out to Carly Fiorina in a bid to run Hewlett-Packard. But it has never been far from his mind. That's why, a few weeks after he joined a struggling Eastman Kodak as president on Apr. 2, 2003, he was peering into a microscope in a lab in Building 82-A on Kodak's sprawling Rochester (N.Y.) campus. Perez was amazed at what he saw: droplets of a new ink produced by Kodak scientists that could yield photo prints with vivid colors that would last a lifetime. "It was the Holy Grail of inkjet printing, and they had it here," recalls Perez.

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