Jobs on Dumping DRM: OK, Steve, But Now What?

Rob Hof

So Steve Jobs calls for the end of Digital Rights Management on music. And he makes all the sense in the world. But in all the chatter on TechMeme about this momentous announcement, I still can't find the answer to my basic question: Will the music industry go along?

Maybe Dave Winer's right, and Jobs expects the change to happen soon, so he's marching to the front of the parade. But I haven't seen any response yet from the music labels, except the anonymous source in this Reuters story, who clearly does not agree with Jobs. Same picture from our own story, too, but no one willing to step up publicly to say anything. (Update: Now we know.)

And excuse my short rant here, but if the labels do get a clue, can we please get files that sound OK on a home stereo system? I'm no audiophile, really, but those MP3s sound pretty muddy on speakers. Until we get readily available lossless or at least higher-fidelity files, I'll stick to buying CDs on for listening on my home stereo, rip them to iTunes for my iPod, and be glad I have a physical "backup" that I didn't have to do myself.

End of rant, and now I'll go back to killing trackback spams, most of which are for free MP3 download sites....

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