Why Spreading Myself Too Thin Is Worth It

Lauren Young

In my non-existent spare time, I serve on the board of Nevus Outreach, an organization that provides support to people with a skin condition that also afflicts my son Leo.

The group holds a biannual conference, and, at the last one, I met an amazing woman whose granddaughter has a giant mole covering one side of her face. Grandmom, who is the girl's main caregiver, was interested in finding out about medical options. Because she wasn't registered for the conference and ended up walking in, she didn't have a formal appointment to meet with some of the doctors in attendance. But I made sure a leading pediatric plastic surgeon in the country found some time to talk to her during a pool party.

Today I just received this email from grandmom, and it made me cry:

"I spoke with the surgeon and his office staff and they accepted (my granddaughter) as a patient, and we are working out the details now. Lauren, if it wasn't for your persistence that we see this surgeon none of this would be happening now. That is a good thing.

"When I went to the Nevus Outreach Conference I did not expect the outpouring of love, concern, understanding and belonging. But you helped make that happen. And now people who really don't understand are willing to see this little girl get the surgeries that she needs.

"Thank you for everything, you are an angel on earth sent to guide me on my way."

Wow. That made my day!

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