What's the Web Say About Superbowl Ads? Doritos a Big Hit

Heather Green

Fred Wilson says this Doritos spot, the consumer-created ad that won the contest the company ran, was his favorite. And it looks like lots of other folks like it too.

Jim Nail at Cymphony, an online analytics firm, says that in tracking online discussions, "almost half of the discussions of the Doritos ads are positive and almost none are negative. At Cymfony, we almost never see this strong of positive reaction for any brand."

Nail also points out that, in counting the impressions that the ad got in coverage, Cymphony found that the ad generated over 140 million between January 1 and February 2-- far more, Nail says, than the 90 million he estimates it will get during the game.

Me? I liked the Doritos one a lot, but my favorite was the Coke ad, showing the inside of a Coke machine. Nail says this ad delivers sizzle and steak.

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