What's Up (or Down) With the Highest-Priced Markets?

Peter Coy

I extracted this little table from a spreadsheet sent to me on Friday by This data and lots more is going to be posted on the Zillow website on Feb. 8. The first number is the Zindex--i.e., the estimated median price for all homes, not just those that were sold--in the fourth quarter of 2006. The second number is the percentage change in the Zindex from a year earlier.

San Francisco $684,459 -1%
Salinas, CA $654,503 -2%
Santa Barbara CA $627,323 -1%
Honolulu $626,452 1%
Los Angeles $545,409 2%
San Luis Obispo CA $542,856 -11%
San Diego, CA $518,274 -5%
New York $449,910 -1%
Barnstable, MA $404,375 -4%
Naples, FL MSA $387,167 -8%

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