New Model Architect

The U.S. has 300 million people and countless buildings but only two major professional architecture magazines. Now veteran editor, Ned Cramer, launches a new title, Architect

Ned Cramer, 35, brings fine chops to the job, having served for four years as curator of the Chicago Architecture Foundation and before that as executive editor of Architecture magazine. In his premier issue of Architect, launched in October, he promised to "portray architecture from multiple perspectives, not just as a succession of high-profile projects, glowingly photographed and critiqued, but as a technical and creative process, and as a community." Diverse viewpoints are certainly evident in the magazine's pages—issuing from principals and interns, department chairs and students, neotraditionalists and digital devotees. But anyone looking forward to a friendly competition between Cramer's old and new bailiwicks will find their hopes dashed. Just as Architect was prepping its debut, its publisher, Hanley Wood, bought rival Architecture and shut it down. I.D. reached Cramer at his Washington, D.C., office to discuss how he'll treat the built environment in the new publishing landscape.

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