At Davos, The Politicians Got Web 2.0 More Than The Business People.

Bruce Nussbaum

In all the sessions and workshops that I attended at Davos, I was continually surprised at how little business people understand the revolution in connection and collaboration that is under way in their culture. Yes, the founders of YouTube, Facebook, Flickr and other social media were feted at Davos, so the business elite knows what they have created is important. But the takeaway for most business people there was money--how to make profit off the new social media. Which is just fine but not nearly sufficient. Very few business folks thought about how they must now change their own business organizations, management and their leadership styles to incorporate connection, collaboration and co-creation. Indeed, in a number of workshops, the most common comment verbalized around me was--OK, we have all this community and connection, but who makes the final decision? Who makes the decision?

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