WSJ streams editorial meeting

Stephen Baker

I just witnessed my first meeting of Wall Street Journal's editorial page staff.( ex Mathew Ingram. Click the Opinion tab.) It's worth six minutes, if you have it. Give the Journal credit for openness: For about a minute, the staff ridicules the latest Iraq coverage in The New York Times. Later, in the part I liked best, Paul Gigot discusses the 55-inch article that dominated their page that day by Fouad Ajami. His colleagues nod respectfully. Then Gigot asks if anyone has read it yet. Heads shake. Um, not yet.

I've been in that uncomfortable position myself, where an article I should have read feeds a discussion at a meeting. I've sat there hoping, praying--my face surely growing redder by the second--that no top editor will ask me if I've read it. The idea that that awkward moment would be put up on the Internet is mortifying.

Question: Would you be interested in seeing BusinessWeek's editorial meetings? I have no say in these matters, but would be interested in your thoughts.

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