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Do You Need an Undergrad Business Degree?'s online panel tackles the question of whether they're worth the time and effort and answers other reader questions

What are the benefits of an undergrad business degree? Do you need one to go into the business world? took readers right to the source in a recent chat event. Guests Milton Cofield (MiltonCMU), the executive director of undergraduate business at Carnegie Mellon's Tepper School of Business, Scott Menzer (ScottLehigh), a student at Lehigh College of Business & Economics, and Jacqueline Morris (JacquelineBU), an associate with the Carlyle Group and graduate of Boston University's undergraduate business program all fielded questions from an online audience and reporter Francesca Di Meglio (FrancescaBW). Here's an edited transcript of their conversation:

FrancescaBW: Jacqueline, please start off by telling us why you opted for the undergraduate business degree at Boston University (BU)?