Hu's afraid of "Prison Break"?

Bruce Einhorn

It’s probably just a coincidence that Hu Jintao on Tuesday issued his latest call for more censorship of the Internet at the same time as the world’s political and business elite were gathering in Davos for the annual globalization gabfest. But by telling Communist Party officials that they should more “actively and creatively nurture a healthy online culture,” the Chinese president offered a timely reminder that the Beijing’s leaders want to have it both ways, continue drawing in billions of dollars in foreign investment from the sort of folks now hobnobbing in the Alps without surrendering the government's control over the Chinese media. According to this article in Xinhua, Hu called on Party cadres to “use advanced technologies to better guide public opinions voiced through the Internet.” Adds Hu: “We should spread more information that is in good taste, and promote online products that can represent the grand Chinese culture.”

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