Vick and SNL Spoof A Primer for Advertisers on Athlete Shilling

David Kiley

Atlanta Falcons QB Michael Vick snag at the Miami airport for concealing marijuana in his water bottle is sure to give Atlanta-based AirTran some pause about whether it wants to keep its contract with Vick as a spokesman.

The question is: what was tha airline thinking in the first place. If there is one thing advertisers should have learned by now it's to stay away from athlete endorsers with ten-cent heads. You could pay a dime for Vick's head and he could give you change if he could figure it out.

As Saturday Night Live so aptly and comedically pointed out...Did he not get the memo that airport security has been keeping water bottles from going through security for months now? Must have been one of Vick's entourage who rigged up the bottle for him. Doh!

Under some very strange circumstances, the Miami authorities cleared Vick. The water bottle was reportedly rigged with a special compartment with a dark granular substance in it. What was the compartment for? Sneaking old coffee grounds? Potting soil?

Vick, a mediocre QB who happens to be a fast runner, flipped the bird to Atlanta fans in a game last November. Now this. Or maybe AirTran execs could have watched virtually any of his on-camera interviews to see how obnoxious and pretty stupid Vick can be.