Who Designed The Apple iPhone? Jonathan Ive, Of Course.

Bruce Nussbaum

In the ongoing discussion of the Apple iPhone, check out the great profile in a past issue of IN--Inside Innovation--of Jonathan Ive, Apple's head of design (yes, of course, Steve Jobs is the design champion). We ran it as a cover in the second issue of IN that came out in September '06. If you want to see just how Apple does it--how it comes up with the most amazing products--this IN profile of Ive and how he operates with Jobs and within Apple, will provide insight.

There's also a slide show of Ive's best work over the years as well. My favorite is his verticle fax machine that he designed after graduating from Newcastle Polytechnic in England when he was working at a design consultancy startup called Tangerine.

I have IN on my mind since the next issue comes out in late February. The stories and graphics we are working on right now are incredible. We're diving deep into the process of innovation and telling personal stories of how people are struggling to remake their corporate cultures--and their own lives.

I'm hoping to do reporting on all this in Davos this coming week. Innovation leadership and management in a world of decentralized and disaggregated networked power is a big theme.

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