The Audi takeover at VW

Porsche may be Volkswagen’s new No. 1 shareholder, but VW’s new top management lineup makes it looks more like a putsch by VW’s premium unit Audi. Former Audi CEO Martin Winterkorn now has the corner office at VW’s headquarters in Wolfsburg. And he hasn’t wasted any time peppering the ranks of top management with his men. Jochem Heizmann, former head of production at Audi will be head of production at VW. Audi Development Chief Ulrich Hackenberg, author of that hot new Audi R7 supersports car, is now head of Development at VW. Former Audi Chief Designer Walter Maria de Silva, the Italian superstar who has juiced Audi’s sales with more emotional styling, is now in charge of giving “The People’s Car” a new look. And don’t forget Horst Neumann, VW’s new head of personnel, who also hailed from Audi.

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