Rewinding Those First Weeks

"So far, I believe I made the right decision coming back to business school fulltime"

As I write this journal, I am on a flight from Austin, Tex., to New York to visit nine companies in the next three days as part of a multifunctional trek organized by our school, the McCombs School of Business. Some of the companies we'll be visiting are GE (GE), Unilever (UL), PepsiCo (PEP), American Express (AXP), and ESPN (DIS). Unfortunately, since my trek will not officially begin until 7 a.m. tomorrow, I won't be able to share highlights. But I'll definitely summarize this experience in my next entry. In the meantime, I'd like to rewind a little, and share some more insight on the admissions process and give a peek on the activities and emotions you might go through during your first few weeks of class.

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