E-Mail (Safely) While You Drive

Expected in 2007, iLane provides drivers with hands-free and eyes-free e-mail for the car

With the automobile quickly becoming a key node in our personal networked universe, the ability to significantly enhance our productivity and travelling experience is yielding myriad opportunities. One company focussed solely on this telematics and automotive safety solutions area is Intelligent Mechatronic Systems (IMS), which released details of its iLane solution at CES after announcing the product at IFA in Berlin last year. iLane is a hands-free and eyes-free email solution for in-vehicle use with a target price of US$700 and will be available Q2/2007. iLane provides drivers with voice-based access to their inbox, alleviating the dangerous practice of reading or typing on a handheld device while driving. By using iLane you can instead keep your hands safely on the wheel, and your eyes on the road; which allows you to stay connected to critical information in a way that puts on-road safety first. Email attachments, calendar appointments, SMS messages and phone calls are likewise managed in a hands-free manner.

iLane interacts with your Bluetooth enabled handheld device or smart-phone to provide you with voice-based access to valuable information like email, attachments, phone calls, calendar events, SMS messages and more. iLane automatically alerts you of inbound email and other information by reading aloud a content-rich notification, including the sender name and subject. Using voice commands, you can listen to the entire message; reply to or forward the email; respond with a phone call; manage meeting requests and more. All interaction between iLane and your handheld occurs securely and locally within the vehicle. Bluetooth enabled car audio systems, hands-free kits or headsets are leveraged for seamless audio.

"iLane is a 'world's first' in regards to mobile data connectivity and driver safety", says Dr. Otman Basir, President and CEO of IMS. "IMS will apply the same rigorous discipline to the development and testing of iLane, as it does to its automotive OEM safety products. It also allows IMS to build on the incredible interest and demand for iLane we've experienced since its debut this past summer."

IMS specializes in the creation, development and marketing of leading edge proprietary technology that blends mechanical engineering, electronic control and information systems into technologically advanced products. IMS has three divisions: Safety Devices for use in automotive applications; Telematics which includes DriveSync for use in fleet and consumer vehicle tracking, and iPAID for use in usage-based-insurance applications; and Mobile Media, delivering consumer products into the automotive aftermarket. IMS is based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

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