Apple and Apple Making Up?

Arik Hesseldahl

It's been a long, long, long time in coming, but there's a chance that Apple and the other Apple -- the record company behind The Beatles -- may be close to saying all things must pass, by putting their various conflicts behind them by putting the Fab Four's music on iTunes. The UK branch of MacWorld reported on the rumor, which it attributed to a Beatles fan and rumor site Abbeyrd. The report suggests that the latest Beatles musical effort, entitled Love would be the first, with no word on the back catalog. There's a certain logic there -- release the brand new remixed versions on Love without making the original stuff available right away. Another candidate would be the Let It Be...Naked.

The Beatles have a history of releasing their music in dribs and drabs over the years. When their albums first came to CD, I seem to recall they came out in batches of four over the course of a few years. A few albums a year released on iTunes would be a great way to start fixing that hole. More after the jump.

I've got a feeling we'll be hearing a lot about this very soon. Some reports suggest that the announcement may come in the form of a Super Bowl TV ad, which would be a certainly suitable way to tell the a worldwide audience of a billion or so TV viewers about it.

Another thing I think would be a good idea -- is a special edition Beatles iPod, a la the U2 version that's been around for awhile. Fortune suggests that scenario is "making the rounds." I wonder I've heard, or rather written that before?

I happened to catch a documentary on Discovery Times called Unseen Beatles and I heard a quote by Brian Epstein, the Beatles manager, who said in 1964 or 65 that people would still be singing Beatles songs in the year 2000. He was right, but its now 2007. Getting The Beatles on iTunes will guarantee they'll still be singing them in 2020.

And while we're on the subject, what's up with other big important artists and iTunes. What's up with iTunes and Led Zeppelin?

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