Cadillac Gets Multicultural

Cadillac’s new online brand promo is an interesting mish-mash of wildly-divergent owner profiles: Fat Joe the rapper, Travis Barker the punk, Joan Jett the rocker, and some guy named Frenchie who takes his grand-daughter out for ice cream in his ’62 Caddy. Other profiles include football star Tiki Barber and pro skateboarder Justin Eldridge

The idea is to play on the obvious differences between the subjects — each is from a constituency with varying styles, but all have some kind of credible buy-in to the brand. And, presented this way, it’s effective and funny.

Spots are viewable at a dedicated website,, and on an accompanying YouTube page. While some clips feel more staged or produced than others, the most effective are the candid takes of celebs-slash-owners waxing amorously over the brand. Is there anything more authentic than hearing Fat Joe admit he likes the Escalade because, well, he’s fat and there’s enough room inside to accommodate his size? (“A fat guy like me can’t feel too close-traphobic.”)

In any case, if the message is there’s something for everybody, this is certainly a clever presentation.