Does Indian village BPO make sense?

Steve Hamm

Check out my BW story about one of the first experiments with doing BPO in India's villages. I spent a day in the Eastern part of Andhra Pradesh in early December with the Byrraju Foundation's GramIT organization. Byrraju is the non-profit aimed at transforming India's rural economy that was set up in 2001 by Ramalinga Raju, the chairman of Satyam. GramIT is a project aimed at setting up 50-seat BPO operations in villages that Byrraju has adopted. Three are underway, and, eventually, the GramIT people want to have operations running in all 160 villages that Byrraju has adopted. Right now, the young villagers are doing back office work for the foundation, Satyam, and the government of Andhra Pradesh. JK Manivannan, who runs GramIT, hopes to line up more government agencies and Indian corporations, and, eventually, to land some multinational corporations as customers.

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