Yahoo China's (latest) comeback plan

Bruce Einhorn

Back to the drawing board for Yahoo China. Jack Ma, the Chinese entrepreneur who runs the company that owns Yahoo’s China operation, has unveiled his latest strategy to turnaround the troubled portal, which after almost a decade in China remains insignificant compared to local companies like Sina, Sohu and Baidu. Ma, CEO of (which owns Yahoo China and in turn is 40% owned by Yahoo U.S.) just gave an interview to the AP (picked up here by USA Today) and said that the idea now is to make the Chinese portal a specialist, not a generalist, portal. In the rest of the world Yahoo may have built itself by appealing to just about everybody but in China the company is going to position itself as a website for the affluent. “"If Yahoo is going to win, it has to do so in a new way," Ma told the AP. "What's the point of building another" He went on to say that "We don't want those not interested in business or making money. They can go to Baidu," he said. "Our main focus is the high-end."

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