So Many Announcements, So Little Time

Arik Hesseldahl

So I’m not at CES standing on long taxi lines and fighting with cantankerous Wi-Fi connections to get anything done. Nor am I in San Francisco getting ready for the MacWorld Expo and the Steve Jobs keynote tomorrow. But I am watching announcements from both here in New York and there is much for a Mac-head to like.

  • Tivo-To-Go for the Mac Roxio, the people behind Toast, have added Tivo support to Toast 8 Titanium. Long an oversight on the part of Tivo, $99 for Toast 8 gets you all you need to transfer your Tivo’ed shows to your Mac, burn them to a DVD, or move them to an iPod or PSP.
  • Buffalo Technology’s Mac-Friendly NAS
    Buffalo unveiled LinkStation Live, a consumer-level network attached storage product, that works with Macs starting with Mac OS 8.6 and later. It comes in capacities of 25 to 750 Gigabytes.
  • Netgear’s Latest Skype Phone
    While not specifically geared toward Mac users – because it doesn’t require any particular type of computer – Mac users who also like Skype may want to have a look at Netgear’s latest phone, the SPD-200D. It’s a fully functional DECT cordless phone with a self-contained Skype client as well. Connect it to your phone line and to your home network. It sounds a lot like the one of the iPhone models which Linksys made so much noise about late last year.

    More as I see them.

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