Daylife: Could Use Some Daylight

Heather Green

After loads of anticipation and delays, Daylife (backed by Dave Winer, Michael Arrington, and Craig Newmark among others with consultation from Jeff Jarvis) is live, at least in beta. As a news aggregation service, it seems bright and serviceable. (Loads of photos and nontraditional navigational prompts.) Though Arrington is disappointed, noting in particular the lack of RSS and comments.

But as to how it plans to fulfill the goals that the backers had discussed in the past and outline here ("Develop new models for funding journalism, Make the news ecosystem more transparent and self-correcting, for the benefit of all involved")....I agree with Liz Gannes, I am still a bit lost.

Maybe it would help if the people behind it explained a little more where they are in the process of developing it.

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