Silver lining: Job offers pop up in Philly blog comments

Stephen Baker

Dan Rubin blogs sadly as 71 colleagues at the Philadelphia Inquirer get pink slips from the new owner. This should serve as a warning to LA Times staffers who are looking for locals to rescue their paper (and jobs) from the Tribune Company.

But look at what pops up in Blinq's comments! It's a recruiting note from Denise Bridges at the Virginian-Pilot:

We are not a "big" newspaper like the Philadelphia Inquirer, nor are we a union newspaper. But we are the largest newspaper in Virginia and we are 50th largest in the country. We have three Pulitzer Prizes, a privately held corporate parent (Landmark Communications) and a short drive from the beach. And we've also got a few job openings that some of your folks may be interested in. We are seeking a copy desk chief (#740), a sports layout/copy editor (#855), a designer (#1050), and a reporter for our Chesapeake bureau (#1001).

I sometimes come across strange juxtapositions when searching for more links. I looked at Google news for more articles on the Inquirer, and I found a piece about a prominent Philadelphia figure who some might say "lost" his position in the city. This from Allen Iverson, recently traded to Denver:

"Things still linger, and I still feel bitter about the way things happened," Iverson told the Philadelphia Inquirer. "It didn't have to happen like that, and I think I deserved a lot more respect than I got. These people had the chance to give me the respect I deserve, and they weren't willing to do that. So why should I try to give any respect back?"

Read quotes like that and it becomes clear that that if we fail to keep a glimmer of perspective (and it's easy to fail), we can make millions and bask in thunderous applause--and still we can find a way, somehow, to feel like victims.

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