From The Department of "Doy": Ad Age Blows The Lid Off Kevin Roberts' "Book."

David Kiley

is a terrific business magazine. But I couldn't help but snicker at the headline today over a video interview the trade did with Saatchi & Saatchi CEO Kevin Roberts in which the agency chief bared his soul that his "Lovemarks" book is a business development tool "masquerading" as a book.

Whoah Nellie! Let's not go out too far on a limb. Name me a book written by an ad executive that wasn't a business development tool masquerading as a book. Some are better than others. Pat Fallon's recent book, "Juicing The Orange" is good. Donny Deutsch's "Often Wrong. Never in Doubt" has its moments. And there is "Ogilvy On Advertising." But most ad books are glorified new-business presentations. And Roberts' goes beyond most. I don't have my copy handy to cite chapter and verse of the self promotion. But I did go through it some months ago before I sold it on used "business development" leave-behinds.

This is a confession or revelation...?

Like I said...let's all open a can of "Doy" and take a swig with our morning paper.

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