Solving Time Management Problems

Many sole proprietors say their primary challenge in maintaining and growing a small business is an inability to focus on generating new business. The tips below are just a few steps a business owner can take to help better organize their business.

• For one week, keep a list of what you are doing. Every 30 minutes, stop and jot down a short note of what job function you are performing. Then transfer everything to a computer timeline.

• Make a list of the things you enjoy doing the most in your business…and the things you dislike the most.

• List the top 10 things you do that create revenue for the business.

• Investigate the cost to outsource the top three job functions you don’t like.

• Set aside three hours a day for two days a week that is strictly dedicated to marketing the business. Pretend that these time slots are your most important clients.

• Invest $1,000 in a good business consultant who can complete an overview of your business and help you determine what your priorities are to move the business to the next stage.

Gene Fairbrother ShopTalk 800® Business Consultant National Association for the Self-Employed Dallas

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