Perhaps I'd be a Terrible Judge of On-Air talent

I think it's true. The ever bankable Rachel Ray does have a smile that reminds me of Jack Nicholson's
David Kiley

I think it's true. The ever bankable Rachel Ray does have a smile that reminds me of Jack Nicholson's "Joker" character. Furthermore, I'll join the chorus of those who thinks she is downright annoying, cloyingly sweet and a very limited talent in the kitchen.

What's up with the Food Network and its choices of talent, and the apparent response of the audience? Or, maybe more to the point...what's up with me? Another rising Food Network star, Paula Deen, is actually more irritating and annoying to me than Ray. ThatIs there anything more annoying than that over-the-top caricature of a kitchen-happy sappy, syrupy, Southern woman? Please....not while I'm eating. I should say here that I like the Food Network, and watch way too much food related TV. And as if Deen wasn't bad enough, the FN is convinced that her no-talent, equally annoying sons are deserving of a show. It had to be in Deen's contract. Perhaps they wouldn't couldn't get the money together to leave the house. The sons are, as Daniel Boorstin said, "are famous for the fact that they are well known." Well, they are well known for the fact that their Mom is well known. This sort of celebrity by association or name brand is disgusting. Paging Paris Hilton, Giada DeLaurentis and George W. Bush.

Back to the possibility that I am a poor judge of who works well on camera. Bush got elected twice. Ray will soon surpass Rupert Murdoch for media properties. Deen is making herself and FN lots of money.

NutriSystem has been running an ad featuring a woman I want to see in my backyard just so I could have the pleasure of tossing an active beehive at her. It can't be her personality or voice that keeps her on-camera husband in the picture. She catterwalls and shrieks about the few sizes she lost and how she can eat chocolate on the NutriSystem plan. Egad! Thank god for the mute button and DVR.

It's all a humbug. Happy New Year.

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