Now That's a Captive Audience

I have been a magazine subscriber to everything from Forbes to People to Popular Science. Recently I left the office a little early to pick up some reading material before going to my weekly basketball game. On the way I stopped by a Borders bookstore and happened to pick up a copy of SmallBiz. I ended up purchasing the magazine and sitting in the store's coffee shop reading this magazine for the next four hours, not only missing my game but also canceling my dinner plans.

About one year ago I started my own information technology consulting business in Tustin, Calif. Not only did SmallBiz turn out to be a great source of inspiration but it has been very informative and useful.

I just wanted to take the time to write this e-mail and let you know how great your magazine is and how much I enjoyed my first issue.


Saeed Atef

Capital IT Group

Tustin, Calif.

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