Proverbial Walks Around the Block

My resolution this year? Walk around the block a little more. How about you?
Heather Green

I am realizing, as the year is ending, that there is a resolution I want to make. Thing is I actually rarely make resolutions because I tend to forget them (I mean literally) and I never felt like they fit my persona. But my resolution has to do with this idea that I have a persona I need to fit.

My resolution is to walk around the block a little more.

In the past, I have been deadset in my pattern of simply sticking in front of my computer and surfing when I have a free time. Surfing being work, really, since I am trolling for things about tech. But rather than simply defaulting to trolling and then reading and reading and reading until I actually have taken in too many facts without giving my brain time to think about them, maybe I need to take a walk.

I am looking to learn when I troll, but I am not giving my brain the time to take things in. Learning a lot fast may be a part of what I thought my persona was. By thinking and being aren't the same, right?

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