How many people do you converse with?

Stephen Baker

Have you seen those cartoons where two or three of the faces are drawn, and the rest are shadows? I think that's the way many of us live. We converse with a select group and treat everyone else as extras. Sometimes a person is just a form spilling into our space in the subway, or one holding a precious position ahead of us in the line for coffee or at the post office. We simplify our lives by reducing the performing cast. For some people, life is a cast of one.

I'm thinking this after reading Valeria Maltoni's post about thinking together. Quoting William Isaacs, she writes:

"Treat the person next to you as a teacher. What is it that they have to teach you that you do not now know? Listening to them in this way, you discover things that might surprise you."

NOTE: Sorry I unwittingly duplicated yesterday's Starbucks post. I fixed a bad link in it, and instead of editing, it republished. I can't figure out how to erase one without the other.

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