Japanese favor the Wii

Ian Rowley

More bad news for the Sony's PlayStation3. Two weeks ago, I mentioned a survey which found that Japan's salaried workers are twice as likely to spend winter bonuses on a Nintendo Wii than a PS3. Another survey, published today, from Internet survey company Macromill finds similar trends among the wider public. Asked which of the PS3, Wii or Microsoft's Xbox 360 they had the strongest desire to buy, 37% said they wanted a Wii, 24% a PS3 and 5% an Xbox 360. Many, though, said they would rather bide their time. Predictably, the Wii scored high marks for the playability of its software (83% of those favoring the Wii said it was down to appealing games) while 66% of those put off the PS3 blamed its high price.