Mazda: More Miata for the Money

Mazda's well-priced roadster keeps its edge with a new power hardtop and, as always, a near-perfect driving experience

Editor's Rating:

The Good: Value, short gear shifts, driving experience, power hardtop, quiet cabin, trunk space, styling

The Bad: Interior is long on looks and short on substance

The Bottom Line: The once and future king of affordable roadsters

Up Front

The affordable two-seat roadster is the new black. It's also the old black. And, frankly, it's likely to be the next new black, too. So goes fashion in the auto industry. The cheap-but-fun sports car has been a perennial favorite since the late 1980s as a low-volume, high-energy image maker that can cast a zippy aura on less exciting but more practical models on the same lot.

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