Alcohol: More important than the Net?

Stephen Baker

What would communications be without alcohol? Maybe we'd all keep our secrets. Just imagine you work at Apple, a secretive place if there ever was one, and (probably over drinks) you confide a few details about the coming iPhone to Digg's Kevin Rose. Next thing you know, you're watching him drinking beers on his show, and saying, should I spill the beans? Should I? Sure, my source told me not to tell anybody, but it's OK if I talk about it a little to a global audience on my show, swig, swig... Isn't it? His words spread in a hurry.

Sure alcohol makes us dumb, but wouldn't we be more ignorant without it? I, for one, wouldn't [have read] that the new iPhone will have a pull-out keyboard, two batteries, and four to eight gigs of flash memory. And if you consider how alcohol catalyzes mating and reproduction, a case can be made that in the realm of super liquids, it's right up there with milk.

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