New Hotness From....Saturn

Talk to General Motors executives and they’ll tell you that, while it may be the hobgoblin of little literary minds, consistency is without a doubt the key to reversing public perception that the company’s vehicles aren’t as fuel efficient or reliable as those made by import manufacturers like Toyota and Honda.

At Saturn, on top of the shockingly good Sky roadster (BW review: 4.5/5 stars), Aura sedan (BW review: 4/5 stars) and Outlook crossover (BW review: 5/5 stars), GM showed the next version of the Vue SUV at the LA Auto Show. And, even in soft-serve light blue, it looks better than the PreVue concept it’s based on.

If the new Vue can match or exceed those new models’ strengths, especially the Outlook, it seems that Saturn will be well on its way to satisfying Bob Lutz’s recent pledge for the brand of “better products and more of them.”

For more, check out David Kiley’s current piece on GM’s fighting chance and Gail Edmondson’s exploration of the European turnaround.

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