From Nimby* to Banana**--The Challenge for Developers

Peter Coy

Opposition to development of single-family homes and condominiums decreased a bit in the latest survey of residents' attitudes by Boston-based Saint Consulting Group. Here's a long excerpt from its press release about the Saint Index:

Some development sectors in the 2006 survey have encountered LESS opposition this year - that is, opposition continues but to a lesser extent than in 2005:

Apartments/condominiums - 34% opposed [down from 48% last year]
Casinos - 67% opposed [down from 80%]
Grocery stores - 25% opposed [down from 33%]
Office buildings - 40% opposed [down from 47%]
Large shopping centers - 57% opposed [down from 62%]
Single-family housing - 6% opposed [down from 13%]
Some sections remain as equally opposed this year as last, tending to more opposition:

Home improvement centers - 56% in 2006, 55% in 2005
Department stores - 55% in 2006, 53% in 2005
However, some sectors face EVEN MORE opposition than in the 2005 Saint Index:

Biotech research - 57% opposed [up from 48% last year]
Landfills - 87% opposed [up from 82% last year]
Power plants - 75% opposed [up from 66%]
Quarries - 76% opposed [up from 63%]
Wal-Mart - 68% opposed [up from 63%]. In point of fact, 61% of those polled say they like the big-box experience, but not in their own community.

*Nimby: not in my backyard
**Banana: Build absolutely nothing anywhere near anybody

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