Is Nintendo's Wii Better Than Sony's PlayStation 3? Ask Tom Cruise in the Movie Minority Report.

Bruce Nussbaum

I've been reading the tons of reviews of the Wii and the PS3 and the one thing missing in the flood of comparisons is the idea that Nintendo may actually have the better technology. The motion-sensitive controller picks up and transfers your hand and arm movement and transfers it directly to the screen. That means you personally and directly participate in the tennis, bowling, baseball, golf, boxing games onscreen. This is a huge breakthrough--bigger probably than the Blu-ray technology of the Sony PS3.

Remember that awful sci-fi movie Minority Report, off the book by Phillip Dick with pre-cogs. The one scene that is compelling is Cruise, who plays a detective, standing in front of a screen moving videos and data around by shifting his hands. Wii is like that--and the technology it reflects has the potential power to change the whole click and point mouse paradigm.

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