The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess


The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess captivates with the first swing of the Wii-mote. By waving the Wii's unique controller, Link withdraws his sword and slashes enemies, and upon aiming it at the screen, players actually fire his slingshot and bow, all while the remote's speaker emits a very satisfying "thwok." These controls make standard game pads outdated. However, Twilight Princess contains plenty more highlights. Its 70 plus hour quest is full of tricky puzzles, humongous boss characters, thrilling horseback riding sequences, a beautifully composed soundtrack and well directed cut scenes. The game's visuals fail to surpass PlayStation 3 graphics quality and the synthesized music screams for an orchestra, but the game manages to bypass these issues with its an intuitive control scheme, gripping story and Link's transformation into a wolf. Charming, attractive and comfortably familiar, Twilight Princess shines as one of Nintendo Wii's best games.

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