Back Online

Steve Hamm

After a week in India (some touring, some book publicity activities), I'm only now able to log into my blog. It's yet another signal of how far India has to go to get the basic infrastructure in place for business to be conducted smoothly. I tried to log in when I was touring in the north (Agra, Jaipur, Samode) but managed to get e-mail only on one day, and couldn't get into the blog. Other days and places, I couldn't even get onto e-mail. It's not all India's fault. Part of the problem was the AT&T dialer program that BusinessWeek supplies for traveling reporters. Most of the phone numbers for local dialing were out of date. But that didn't really matter. I couldn't get the dialer server to accept my password. Spent five hours on the phone with AT&T help desk in Romania, and a few more hours on the phone with a McGraw-Hill help desk in India. Then gave up. Thank god the place I'm staying for the next 10 days has BB.

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