TCS looks to China and India

Bruce Einhorn

Are Indian IT companies outgrowing India? In high-tech hubs like Bangalore, it’s getting harder and harder to hire new engineers or keep existing ones. That’s one reason that up-and-coming China-based companies argue that that they have an advantage as they compete against Indian heavyweights for outsourcing business. “There’s a shortage of human resources in India,” crows Liu Jiren, the chairman and CEO of Neusoft, a software services company based in China’s northeast that has about 10,000 workers. Adds Liu of the India-based industry leaders: “Their salaries are increasing very fast.” Meanwhile, more companies are turning to Neusoft, which plans to double its headcount in two years as it adds more engineers in Dalian, the city in Liaoning* that is the center of outsourcing for customers in Japan and Korea. “Dalian is booming,” says Liu. “It’s just like Bangalore.”

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