Redesigning Media--Gannett Goes First.

Bruce Nussbaum

Gannett is using design thinking to innovate its entire business model. It has spent months gettting closer to its newspaper reading customers and has now decided to involve them much more in the news process.

Instead of news rooms, Gannett will have information centers and instead of being organized around sports, politics and other traditional categories, they'll be grouped around desks defined by "community conversation," "data," "digital" and others (this part still mystifies me).

Gannett will focus on four goals--publishing more user-generated content, making local news key, using websites to make the news operation a wire service 24/7 kind of operation, and using crowdsourcing to get readers to participate as whistle-blowers, watchdogs and researchers.

It's part of a trend toward networked journalism. It's fascinating to live within an industry undergoing disaggregation, disintermediation and disintegration--that's on the "destruction" side of "creative destruction"--and see the rise of new forms of news media. I blog on NussbaumOnDesign, I oversee, edit and write for the Innovation & Design channel, I shape the new Inside Innovation magazine brand and I write for the mother ship, Business Week. And I'm involving in redesigning and integrating all these moving parts of a business news and analysis operation. Are these amazing times, or what?

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