Going for the Casual Gamer

Cliff Edwards

Speaking of games, I wonder if we're sometimes spending too much time obsessing on the console market and overlooking the growing sophistication of casual games?
Big Fish games just launched a new one called Travelogue: Paris that is already doing quite well. It incorporates real photos of the city in a kind of Where's Waldo aspect that looks like loads of fun. At 75 megabytes, it's about seven times the size of the games we traditionally think of as casual. That seems to highlight the fact that companies are willing to spend more money (though a fraction of that than console makers) to attract an audience where the margins are gi-normous.
Meantime, competitor Wild Tangent is gearing up for the launch of a "virtual console" that it hopes will grab a lot of attention from spend-thrifts over the holiday season.
Yeah, these won't replace the rollicking good fun of becoming Master Chief in Halo, but it may be more the future of gaming than we think.

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