Small-Business Security Options

Security is a huge concern for businesses of any size. The biggest issue business owners come to me with is reliability. Everybody wants a security solution that allows them to lock down confidential information and ensure that they, and only they, can reliably access it when needed. Biometrics provides solutions that meet both of these needs.

In typical password security systems, if someone gains access to another user’s password, he can become that person. If that user then does inappropriate things while posing as the other user, it can create serious problems.

That’s where the addition of online-biometric security measures comes in.

With the addition of a fingerprint reader, for example, you can ensure that only authorized users are allowed on the WiFi network. Since every individual’s fingerprint is unique and cannot be lost or shared, it is less prone to compromise than a password or PIN code.

Though in the past biometric measures have faced a number of reliability problems due to wet or dry fingers, small fingers, and even narrow fingerprint ridges and valleys, newer technologies are able to read deeper layers of skin so that surface abnormalities don’t affect the scan.

Gary Bradt Vice-President, Biometrics Division Silex Technology America Salt Lake City

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