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Savile Row Never Goes Out of Style

The tailors on this hallowed British street have an age-old reputation for hand-crafting the best bespoke suits

Houston lawyer Samer al-Azem is an admitted fan of Giorgio Armani suits, but when he heard the designer was launching a custom-made service, the 39-year-old was unimpressed. Al-Azem, who travels to London several times a year on business, is a longtime patron of Savile Row tailors H. Huntsman & Sons, and even the cachet of an Italian designer name won't convince him to break that habit. "Armani's [bespoke] suits might ultimately prove to be almost as good," he says. "But for me, bespoke will always mean one thing: Savile Row."

When it comes to suits made by hand, many other young guns across the U.S. and Europe seem to agree that only the skill of the tailors on this hallowed British row really cuts it. Far from being dismissed as a relic of centuries past, Savile Row's business is booming. Powered by hedge-fund dollars and money from the city's financial sector, bespoke tailoring is now being embraced by a new generation of men and women. "There's a lot of money about, and if you're going to conduct business, you want to look sharp doing so," says Peter Smith, general manager at Huntsman.