Second Life As A 3-D Web Browser?

Bruce Nussbaum

We've been working on a Second Life story for IN3 but put a portion of it up online today because the demographics are different for the two platforms and, well, because the story has such great stuff in it, especially for companies joining the queue to get into SL.

Some highlights: 1- There are four small firms that are gateways to Second Life--Rivers Run Red, Electric Sheep Company, Aimee Weber Studio and Millions of US. They get you there, design your space and presentation, all of it. For a modest price, $10,000 to $200,000. That may be going up as we speak.

2- There aren't many "people" in Second Life at any one time. A million have signed up as residents but only 13,000 were in SL on an afternoon last week. The population is growing fast, but.... And you can get only 60-90 people into one island space at one time for an event.

3- Mining intentionality has to be a big part of your reason for going to Second Life. Finding out what people really want when given opportunities is a key factor for entering.

4- Philip Rosedale, CEO of Linden Lab, builder of Second Life, thinks it will grow into a 3-D Web browser. He doesn't see it as another game, like World of Warcraft, or Spore, the uber-game coming out soon that allows players to design their own species. Rosedale sees SL as a platform, like MySpace.

Is this great, fascinating stuff or what?

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