Billion-Dollar Babies

With sales poised to pass the magic mark, these five stocks could attract attentionand buying interestfrom institutional investors

The law of supply and demand is very simple: When demand for a good increases but the supply stays the same, the price of the item will rise. It applies just as much to stocks as to any other item that can be bought and sold.

In the investment world, institutional investors, the 800-pound gorillas of the equity market, create a lot of the demand for stocks. But in order to get on the radar screen for an institutional investor, a stock usually needs certain characteristics, including sales of at least $1 billion, and a stock price above $5 per share.

For this week's screen, we decided to find those companies that could pop up on institutions' radar in the coming year, and perhaps benefit from the increased attention. The demand from institutions for the following list of stocks could rise in the coming year because 2006 sales for each of these companies is projected to rise above the $1 billion mark (each had over $900 million in its last full fiscal year), and each stock is priced between $5 and $10 per share.

Frontier Airlines Holdings (FRNT)
Friedman Billings Ramsey Group (FBR)
Ciber (CBR)
Finlay Enterprises (FNLY)
PC Mall (MALL)
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