Yankee Candle Agrees to a Buyout

Universal American Financial gets a buyout proposal from management, and more deal news
Deals in the News
Company Symbol Date Price Comment
UNIVERSAL AMERICAN FINANCIAL UHCO 10/25/2006 18 Gets management-led buyout proposal of $18.15 cash per share.
YANKEE CANDLE YCC 10/25/2006 34 Madison Dearborn Partners LLC to buy: $34.75 = YCC.
GOVERNMENT PROPERTIES GPT 10/24/2006 10 Record Realty Trust to buy: $10.75 = GPT.
POWERDSINE LTD PDSN 10/24/2006 10 MSCC to buy: $8.25, 0.1498 MSCC = PDSN.
BARNES & NOBLE BKS 10/23/2006 41 Co. may be ripe for potential acquisition by private equity investors: Barron's.
CONNETICS CORP CNCT 10/23/2006 17 Stiefel Labs to buy: $17.50 = CNCT.
INDUS INTL IINT 10/23/2006 4 Vista Equity Partners to buy: $3.85 = IINT.
METASOLV INC MSLV 10/23/2006 4 ORCL to buy: $4.10 = MSLV.
ST JOSEPH CAPITAL SJOE 10/23/2006 39 ONB to buy: $40 = SJOE.
TALK AMERICA HOLDINGS TALK 10/23/2006 8 Says Sun Capital Securities Group withdrew its proposal to buy TALK, as Sun opted not to make offer above $8.10/share offered by Cavalier Telephone Corp.
TRIBUNE CO TRB 10/23/2006 33 WSJ reports TRB's auction is attracting interest from groups of private-equity firms.
GRANITE CONSTRUCTION GVA 10/20/2006 62 In response to news article, says it not aware of any developments that would substantiate rumor of possible takeover.
OPENTV CORP OPTV 10/19/2006 3 Kudelski Group agrees to buy 6.5M Cl. A, 30.2M Cl. B ordinary shares of OPTV from LIBERTY MEDIA at $3.60 per share in move to obtain voting control of OPTV.
BROADWING CORP BWNG 10/17/2006 16 LVLT to buy: $8.18, 1.3411 LVLT = BWNG.
CBOT HOLDINGS'A' BOT 10/17/2006 153 Agrees to merge with CME, form CME Group Inc.: 0.3006 CME Cl. A share or similar amount in cash = BOT Cl. A share.
ICOS CORP ICOS 10/17/2006 31 LLY to buy: $32 = ICOS.
PEMSTAR INC PMTR 10/17/2006 4 BHE to buy: $4.63 = PMTR.

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