Embarq: Wireless-Landline Call Convergence Is Finally Here

Embarq just unveiled two new business services allowing for seamless wireless-landline call transfers. The industry's first, this offering is sure to spread to other carriers -- and, eventually, to consumers.
Olga Kharif

Today, Embarq launched a really cool service that, I have no doubt, other telcos will soon offer to their business and, eventually, residential customers. Called Smart Connect, here's what it does: Say, you start talking to a customer on your office phone, but 10 minutes later, you have to run out the door. Instead of hanging up, or telling the person you are talking to that you'll call him from your cell, you can simply punch a button on your office phone and transfer the call onto your mobile. The transfer is seamless, so the customer doesn't even need to know about it.

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