Make Waiting Interesting

If you have customers who have to spend any time at all within the walls of your business, now is a good time to consider implementing digital signage. The concept is simple, really. Company information and content in video format can be combined with live streaming news, entertainment, and even advertising from outside sources, and is then displayed on an electronic screen or digital sign right in the comfort of your own office.

The digital signage concept goes way beyond the fuzzy TV set in the corner. Digital signage is dynamic, allowing you to change messages between breakfast and lunch with the click of a mouse. It gives you the opportunity to provide customized content for your customers in an appealing format.

Digital signage also serves to educate, inform, and entertain all at the same time, creating a richer experience for your customers. For businesses with waiting areas, such as restaurants, pharmacies, professional offices, banks and many others, digital signage can vastly reduce the perceived wait time because customers have something to watch—other than the clock.

To get started, all you need is one or more flat panel television screens large enough to be seen clearly from all appropriate vantage points, a server to store the relevant, fresh content, and an Internet or satellite connection to tie in real-time information.

Mike Tippets President Helius Lindon, Utah

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