Jeep's Bobblehead Doppelganger

It used to be that you had to be a super athlete to get a bobble head doll made in your image. Play shortstop like Derek Jeter or slam home runs like Barry Bonds and fans will drop at least a sawbuck for your bobble head doll. In Bonds case, his head has gotten so large that he’s almost a human bobble head. But that’s beside the point. These days, all you have to do is become a marketing executive and you can have a disproportionately large likeness of your head bobbing on a doll. Jeep’s new television campaign for the Compass crossover suv features a cadre of bobble head dolls that are supposed to represent cool urbanites who are also close enough to their rugged and earthy side to buy a Jeep. There’s a bearded dude in a leather coat, a blues musician, a dog and a hip woman in bell bottom jeans who happens to look just like former Chrysler marketer Julie Roehm.

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