YouTube Hits Delete Button on Pirated Japan Clips

Brian Bremner

Google’s exposure to copyright violations followings its recent $1.65 billion acquisition of the hugely popular video-sharing site YouTube has been a big concern. To understand why, consider that YouTube has just been forced to delete nearly 30,000 video clips after more than 20 Japanese TV stations, music and movie companies cried rip off, according to this report. The Japan Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers demanded the clips be taken off the YouTube site.

You can go here and here to learn about Google’s other copyright troubles. Google bought YouTube to enhance its video-search ability and for its tremendous amount of popular content to index and in which to park ads. Still, Google could run into trouble if YouTube doesn’t clean up its act. A fair amount of its content is “lifted from broadcast TV, DVDs and CDs (for soundtracks),” according to this analysis of the deal by Gartner. And some brand advertisers likely won’t be thrilled about advertising nearby pirated content.